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Unboxing Crystal Magic #1

I. love. gifts. from. nature. Yes, I know that my punctuation isn’t grammatically correct over to the left – but I like it. I love plants, I love crystals and rocks, and I love bringing all the things that light me up in to my home to help keep me lit up like a Christmas […]

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Cancer Eclipse

This week we get a Full Moon to play with (yay!) and it’s also an eclipse. During this time, here at the beginning of 2020 – it’s rather important to clear our heads and get clear in our hearts. Have you taken your energetic temperature yet? Where are you in your self doubt, self talk, […]

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My years

As we near the end of this current cycle and approach the beginning of a new one on January 22nd – when the Sun moves into the 41st hexagram – I find myself in review mode. We are ending a decade and beginning a new one – so what does the make up of the […]

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To the human …

… who works everyday to keep your family happy – I see you. I see how you put purpose behind your actions to create smiles and joy. I see how you find something each day to bring pleasure to your lover. I see you working full time while you try to make life as easy […]

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Shamanism – The Elements

Working with the Elements. As I underwent my Shamanic studies with a local Shamanic Community and I began doing research of my own through many books, websites, and more – I uncovered more intel on the different elements.  In this article I reference 5 different elements. I cover the the traditional four – Earth, Air, […]

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November Self-Reflecting Challenge

I started a self-reflecting card challenge for the month of November. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m exciting to share the messages with everyone. It’s supposed to be pressure free and insightful. I know that not everyone can do this every single day, right now, so I have made the commitment to do […]

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